The decline of the empire of the senses: sensual domination - Erotic tale

Pass and delight yourself with the decline of the empire of the senses: sensual domination . The last and exciting story of the prolific writer Mimmi Kass. Our doctor expert in bondage loads her pen of intense sex … The twilight of the empire of the senses: sensual domination Carolina returned with difficulty from the dream state in which she was mired after orgasm. The tattoo man had moved away from them, he only felt Miguel's warmth beside her and his breathing agitated.

Sexual posture: El guateque - Kamasutra weekly

Don't blame yourself if all of a sudden you got hungry. It's what uninhibited oral sex has … You already know that straddling your partner's face is one of the best positions for cunnilingus . But this does not mean that you have to “return the favor” or something, because the truth is that it is also one of the sexiest positions to practice fellatio or, as we would say in petite committee, a good blowjob .

Ero stories: cunnilingus - Short erotic stories

These are “Ero stories” , without “ticos” because they are as short as they are intense. Brenda B. Lennox signs this fresh and forceful, explicit and elegant narrative. Today, two of cunnilingus. Keep reading below and enjoy. Food - Short Erotic Story (1) “Didn't you say you were going to set the table?” I placed both rabid dishes and spilled some Vichyssoise . I ran my fingers over the edge and when I went to clean them you demanded “GIVE THEM”.

Sexual stance: The Confessional (the domination of the Dollar) - Kamasutra weekly

Do you need to atone for your sins? Confess them while they provide fellatio! Yes, it is probably not what you thought, because today's BDSM proposal comes in domina mode. And I don't talk about extreme sex , just about a man tied to a chair … And if he doesn't respond correctly, he will have to stick to the consequences. Ideas, ideas, I give you more ideas below. A world of sex games opens from the moment you tie your wrists and ankles to the chair.

Ero stories: fellatio - Short erotic stories

Today, Brenda B. Lennox absorbs the intensity of eroticism and compresses it into two short stories of fellatio. Next, his stories were: Fiera and Refugio. Fiera - Short Erotic Story (1) It is insane, destructive, irrational. I wish you like an animal. My hunger is primitive, insatiable, voracious. I can not stop. I just want to fuck, fuck, FUCK. Feel him piercing my insides, invading me to the center of my chest, burning me with his lava until setting me on fire.