Sexual posture: El guateque - Kamasutra weekly

Don't blame yourself if all of a sudden you got hungry. It's what uninhibited oral sex has …

You already know that straddling your partner's face is one of the best positions for cunnilingus . But this does not mean that you have to “return the favor” or something, because the truth is that it is also one of the sexiest positions to practice fellatio or, as we would say in petite committee, a good blowjob .

Pros: the best of this sexual position is that you can simulate intercourse , in which, in addition, it is possible to alternate in activity; pretend soft lunges, while the lips stick to the movement of the glans or lick the testicles and even hit the perineum with the tongue, while you masturbate (or masturbate ). And if your black kiss goes , you just have to tilt your pelvis…

Cons: If the height of your partner is excessive or the agility shines by its absence, the posture could become tortuous. Although, it is also true that you do not need to be a yoga teacher or gymnast to enjoy it.

Another of the inconveniences that may arise is that the excess of excitement or passion leads him to take the onslaught to the level of embedment. If it happens and you do not want to stop dry, a little trick is to have an agreed gesture, a kind of safety signal (as in the BDSM ). For example, nail your nails a little (without going over) in the buttocks or the one that is easier for you, and it more quickly assimilable.

For the rest, I am convinced that most of you are going to enjoy this posture.